What it is? 

ZOOGRID is a multidisciplinary art project that aims to create interactive artworks. Centred on three work axes, it makes it possible to combine the creation of plastic works with geometric diagrams, the use of QR codes and the development of 3D images. 

Say it in a simple way. ZOOGRID allows to scan QR codes, aesthetically placed and hidden in the geometric textures of the works (sculptures and paintings) with the aim of discovering a part of the "hidden" work in the virtual world, to animate the work, etc... 


The world of possibilities is wide.  ZOOGRID allows to dialogue with the work in a different way, to go towards the encounter of art in a dynamic and participative way.​

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This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of:

DAC Guyana - Cultural Affairs Department. Project support.

NumLab Cayenne. Guyana Development Innovation. Digital Accompaniment (from January to June 2018)

Morgane Alvarez. Animation 3D. https://morganealvarez.tumblr.com/

Emmanuel Gobillet. Canope Sciences. Guyane Française