ZOOGRID started in January 2018 and throughout this research period has shown us the potential of the idea. This project is not only an artistic project, but also a collaborative research project between the artist, the computer programmer and the 3D designers. 

First, the artist created a series of sculptures inspired by animal forms and painted with motifs. These patterns were created from abstract geometric schematics inspired by the notion of pixel and 3D modeling.

From these sculptures, the QR codes were harmoniously incorporated to sculptures and virtual animations were created in a virtual reality directly from programs related to this purpose. 

Through specific software, each QR code has been programmed to respond with a particular image, dynamic or not. The QR codes were also the subject of this research, constructed as unpublished and exclusive codes, drawn and inspired from these compositions.

Once the work is finished, using a tablet, smartphone (or similar devices) and the corresponding application, the public will be able to scan the codes and thus discover the virtual part of the work.

The finished work was presented at the Atelier on M. Demonchaux in Macouria, French Guiana in  November 2018.