What it is?

ZOO = animal | GRID = grill

In computing, GRID is "a virtual infrastructure consisting of a set of potentially shared, distributed (...) and autonomous computing resources "*1. GRID can also be understood as a network that promotes the circulation of information.

From this definition, ZOOGRID aims to create networks of sharing through art.  This multidisciplinary exchange grid allows us to give another interpretation to the artistic work with a virtual potential. A playful, dynamic and open reading. 

A different appropriation of the work.  


ZOOGRID can be anywhere in this "jungle". 

ZOOGRID is an artistic project born from the search for new means of dialogue between contemporary art and new technologies, more precisely virtual reality (3D) and augmented reality.

As a child of his time, the artist wonders about the interaction with the artwork, the way to approach it and to question the dynamic artwork-spectator.  This question is even more pronounced in French Guiana, where young people have limited access to contemporary artistic movements.

How can we build a language that can dialogue and bring art closer to the public in French Guiana?

How to build artistic works that can find place and meaning in the virtual world?

Through his eyes, the artist wants to create links between two different worlds that are rarely associated. Build through aesthetics common features between strictly artistic techniques and computer programming.

This project is not only an artistic project but also a collaborative research project, between the Artist, Computer Programmer and 3D designers. This project began in January 2018 and all the research time has shown us the potential of the idea.

       There are many challenges: adapting plastic techniques to serve augmented reality, creating coherent aesthetic links between art, QR codes and augmented reality.

Understand and learn to manipulate and program QR codes, work on 3D image and photogrammetry. Compose with two very distant universes the abstraction and complexity of the computer world and the materiality of artistic works.  

Zoogrid requires rigorous and continuous work, with clear steps and objectives.

-*1 source Wikipedia. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid. 2018

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